Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What did you do to stop it?

I'm not surprised at all at the controversy surrounding the Focus on Family ad that will air on the Super Bowl. Nor am I surprised that ABC News, a liberal cesspool, would air the outraged comments of N.O.W. and Dan Harris shaking his head and saying something to the effect that it's a shame that such a "divisive" ad would air during the Super Bowl. In that same episode of ABC News, we see the hidden camera video of cows being abused by farmers. Here, you can tell that the producers and newscasters are uniformly condemning the farmers. There's no opposing views from the farmers. It's so typical of ABC News and the liberals to uniformly condemn cruelty to animals (which I do too) yet completely ignore the pain, suffering, and murder of children in the womb.

Everyone seems to be forgetting about the torture and murder of millions of children in abortions. There's a heartbeat at 6 weeks gestation and abortions are routinely performed at 14 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, when it is clear that a fetus can feel pain and will fight for his or her life during an abortion. There is no one abortion method that does not cause a fetus incredible pain and suffering -- saline injections burn the skin off a living fetus, suction curette rip the limbs off a baby one by one, all without any anesthesia.

We are living through the genocide of millions of innocent children. I truly believe abortion will come to an end in this society as more and more people become aware of what happens during an abortion and technology allows us to understand more about babies in the womb. Is there really any rationale to allowing a woman to have an abortion at 19 weeks when we know that a baby born at 19 weeks has survived outside of the womb? Should a person be allowed to choose to murder a child simply because they WANT to?

It's obvious to us in the 21st century how wrong the Germans and Austrians were to just stand there and let the Holocaust happen right before their eyes. What we are doing right now with respect to abortion is absolutely the same thing. We are just as guilty as those who stood by and did nothing to help the victims of the Holocaust. When abortion is gone and your children and grandchildren learn about our generation, what will you say to them when they ask you where you were during all of this. What did YOU do to stop it?

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