Friday, January 15, 2010

Going crazy for the pink

I love my two boys but once in a while a mom aches for female company in the house. Of course, when I became pregnant again, I was hoping and wishing for a girl. When we finally found out, that, yes, we are having a girl, I can't tell you how happy I was. Now that I'm in my third trimester nesting phase, I've made trolling Ebay for pink outfits almost a full-time job.

After staring at all those adorable girl clothes in stores for the past eight years, I am going a little crazy for the pink. This baby is not born yet but she is already the proud owner of two tutus, three faux fur coats, three smocked dresses, five halter dresses, and an innumerable number of pink hats, booties and flower barrettes! I'm not sure what's going to happen if all of a sudden I am confronted by a surprise penis on Birth Day!

It is so much fun shopping for girl's clothes. They just don't make enough cute stuff for little boys. I guess most moms are not like me. I love bright colors and funny prints on my boys. I bought a cute Hanna Andersson outfit for my sister's eight month-old son and she told me that "she doesn't really dress L in those colors!" Maybe that's why there's an abundance of navy, black, brown, and dark green boy clothes with all sorts of tough themes on them like skulls, skateboards, trucks, etc. With girls, anything goes! They can wear cool surf-girl styles, prissy candy-pink dresses, casual Adidas warm-ups, and flowery knits. I am in heaven shopping for my baby!

Have you seen what's out there to buy? It is really insane! I started with the Chasing Fireflies catalog. OOOOHHHHH, do they have some luscious dresses. I bought some of their sale items including a couple of bustled dresses. They are quite catty about not revealing the designers' names in the catalog. Once I figured out who they were, I ebayed them and found a TON of styles from past seasons at cut-rate prices. I could never afford some of these styles at the retail price (honestly, who really can???) Some of the most beautiful dresses I found retail were Enchanted Enfant which averaged $200-300 a piece!! Lovely, but you would have to have a good deal of disposable income to pay that much for something she will wear once or twice.
My latest and greatest find are the beautiful dresses made by My Poppi in South Africa. Stuff must just not cost as much there because a gorgeous white dress with a twirly skirt (sewn in panels made of 24 pcs of fabric) costs $40. The same kind of dress would be $300 from Enchanged Enfant!

Maybe the cutest little things that came in the mail for me were these squeal-worthy crochet booties made by Ebay seller sonja72. Holy cow are they CUTE!! I bought some booties that look like Mary Janes, a pair of rabbit booties with crazy frilly rabbit "hair" sticking out of the top, and laugh out loud funny roller skates (all crocheted!!!) Eeeek! I love them so much I put them on the edges of my stairway so that everyone who comes into the house can see them and squeal too! I show all my cute little finds to hubby but he'll look at them, grunt politely and go back to reading the paper. My 7 year old has the best reaction though -- he goes "eee" and "awww." And of course Babysitter Irma totally squeals along with me.

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