Thursday, January 28, 2010

Death to Downy!

Since becoming pregnant all strong fragrances are now the enemy. Of all the artificial fragrances that nauseate me, the worst is Downy. Downy smells so revoltingly cloyingly disgusting. If I just walk past the aisle where it is displayed in the supermarket I find the smell of it clinging to my hair and skin for hours afterward. Snuggle and dryer sheets are just as bad.

Apparently these products are made to cling to clothing, releasing their toxic chemicals throughout the day into the air and into your skin. Who the hell knows what is in this stuff. Nothing natural smells this strong. Have you ever tried to wash that stink out of your clothing? Once you rinse your clothes in Downy they will have Downy in their fibers forever. It is impossible to wash out again.

I should know. My babysitter used to use it. When I started to complain about the smell of her clothes, she stopped using it. The problem was that it was impossible to wash out. She had to buy new clothes. Because her washer and dryer still had the smell, her new clothes became smelly too. Honestly what is in this garbage that makes it so pernicious and clingy?? All I can say is be scared. Be very very scared.

It will take another generation or two but I really believe that the American public will become smart about toxic chemicals once enough people die. Add Downy to the list, which includes Teflon and nonstick pans, microwave radiation from PG & E Smartmeters, EMFs from power lines, heated plastic containers, and the list goes on and on.

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